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Calicoan Island Lot

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Calicoan Beach Lot for Sale


calicoan beach lot for sale



Product Offering: Calicoan Beach Lot for Sale


Known as the "Sleeping beauty of Eastern Samar". Most of us did not know that this island is a stretch of white sand beach and crystal blue waters. Some tourists that already know the place come to Calicoan island for surfing and vacation. Local government officials are proud of Calicoan, located in Guiuian town, because they foresee the island to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country in the near future.  

Guiuan, Eastern Samar is located at the southernmost tip of the third largest island (Samar) in the Philippine archipelago. It is where Calicoan Island lays, also known as the “Surfer’s Paradise”. With its rugged landscape,tropical forests, wonderful lagoons, breathtaking white beaches, crystal clear water, and magnificent sunlight, Calicoan is a must see for the nature lover, adventurous traveler, deep-sea fisherman, and intrepid surfer.



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FINANCING SCHEME: Calicoan Island Beach Lot for Sale: Reservation fee - Php50,000.00 (non-transferable and non-refundable) Spot Cash - 5% discount Good as Cash - 6 months to pay ( no discount, no interest )


calicoan island subdivision map


calicoan island map

Calicoan Island Ocean Villas Development  Plan (Click the image to enlarge)


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Calicoan Beach and Calicoan Island Resort

Guiuan’s  airport has a 2.8 km. runway which could service light private planes, chartered cargo and military planes.

It also has a municipal and national seaport operational throughout the year.

Telephone companies operating in the municipality includes TELECOM, Globelines and Bayantel. Smart and Globe cellular phone companies are also operational.

In 2004, Eastern Samar Electric Cooperative (ESAMELCO) was able to energize Guiuan, Calicoan Island up to Sulangan covering 37 out of 60 barangays. Island barangays are served with electricity through generator sets either privately-owned or operated by the barangay council.

Financial Resources.Guiuan is classified as fourth income class municipality. In 2003, its Total Financial Resources amounted to 33.5 million pesos. Its Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) represents 96.1% of its total financial resources.

Adventure Spot Calicoan Island boasts of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep, Calicoan is a surfer's paradise. The season for the best waves is generally from October to March.

Adventure Spot Calicoan Island boasts of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep, Calicoan is a surfer's paradise. The season for the best waves is generally from October to March.

Demography. Guiuan recorded a total population of 38,694 in 2000, the second largest population in Eastern Samar with the highest population density of 220 persons per sq. km. among the twenty-three (23) municipalities. Majority or 97.7% of the Guiuananons speak the "Waray" dialect. Less than 3.0% speak Cebuano, Tagalog and Boholano. A large percentage though can converse in the English language.

Socio-Economic Activities . Being a fishing community and the only municipality with the most number of island barangays, the town is rich in fishery and aquatic resources. It is considered by the fisheries authorities as the best fishing belt in the region.

The coastal waters offer almost all speciesof marine life: euchuema, abalone,ornamental fish, lobster and the GoldenCowry (known for its extraordinary goldensheen). They also offer delicacies, shellcraft products as well as fresh andprocessed marine products.

Existing land use indicates a predominanceof agriculture use which covers 38.2% ofthe total land area. Most of the agriculturallands are dominantly planted with coconuttrees

The rich diversity of the area is evident when one sees the exotic species being sold. The surrounding waters support several marine based industries such as fish, seaweed, and pearl farming.

Getting There.  Calicoan island is readily accessible by land, sea and air. Chartered flights can land in Guiuan's airport, a 5 minute drive from Calicoan. The nearby regional capital of Tacloban is only two to three hours away. Several buses and vans on regular schedules shuttle passengers to Guiuan via a scenic two-lane coastal highway which runs past mountains, steep cliffs, distant rock islands and boat-filled bays. Tacloban is regularly serviced by scheduled flights from Manila. Alternatively, several bus companies have daily trips to Guiuan from Manila. Travel time is approximately twenty-one hours.

In the middle of the island are six lagoons ringed by forest, the largest being 30hectares in size.  At the cliff side margin of Calicoan's forests are dozens of caves.

On the northern tip of Calicoan are wet lands like the Everglades, teeming with fish, shrimp, and crabs. Calicoan Island is envisioned to become the surfing capital and a top tourist destination in Eastern Visayas.



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