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Villa Solana
8 Maria Luisa, Banilad
Aldea del Sol
Azienda Torino
Casa Rosita
Casili Hills
Coral Monza
Corona del Mar
Costa del Sol
Cresta de Milan
Eastland Estate
Fonte Di Versailles
Grand Terrace
Hacienda Salinas
La Montana
Mahogany Place
Nichols Park
One Edison Place
Pacific Grand Villas
Park Terrace
Prescila Heights
Pueblo El Grande
Sunflower Drive
Villa del rio Mactan
Villa Solana
Vista Pueblo
Vitorria Cluster
Amara Beachfront Lot
Azienda Torino Lot
Calicoan Island Lot
Casili Hills Lot
Corona del Mar Lot
Discovery Bay Lot
Fonte Di Versailles Lot
Greenville Heights Lot
Kishanta Lot
Lombardi Lot
Maria Luisa Lot
Metropolis Lot
Molave Highlands Lot
Monterrazas de Cebu Lot
Monteverde Lot
Newtown Lot
Pacific Grand Villas Lot
Primavera Hills Lot
Pristina North Lot
Riverdale Lot
Royale Cebu Lot
Sta. Lucia Townsquare Lot
Vista Grande Lot
White Sands Lot
Boracay Condo
Citylights Gardens Condo
Fuente Towers Condo
Grand Cenia Condo
Hilton Towers Condo
La Mirada Condo
Ramos Tower Condo
Vistamar Residences Condo



Real Estate Cebu Philippine, Villa Solana is developed by Juanito King & Sons, Inc. (JKSI) the consolidation of the real estate holdings of the King family, headed by the company founder, Mr. Juanito I. King. Its humble beginnings date back to the late 1950's, when Mr. King slowly started to acquire real estate through earnings from profitable business ventures.  
Hard work, perseverance and prudent investments have made the company what it is today. Over the years, Mr. King realized that his accumulated property holdings were a profit center all on their own. Thus in January 1979, he set up a real estate company with his sons, Robin, Ricarido Delfin, Luis and Mario, and himself as incorporators and shareholders. Ming's Food Products, Inc., one of the

existing companies then, was used in the incorporation records. The company was later renamed Juanito King & Sons, Inc. and the Articles of Incorporation were amended to adopt the real estate nature of the business. The renamed company originally had an authorized capital stock of P1 million. In December 1995, the authorized capital was increased to P100 million, to reflect the asset value of the company.

The holdings of JKSI in Real Estate Cebu Philippine continue to grow and include commercial lots, industrial lots, commercial buildings, condominium units and residential land. Currently, JKSI is undertaking a housing project, which involves the development of a 2.3-hectare property in Talisay City, Cebu. Led by Juanito King's granddaughter, May King, the housing project targets to have the following beneficiaries of the planned 169 housing units: staff and employees of JK's sister and subsidiary companies (King Quality Foods, Inc., Nito's International Ventures, Inc., Nito's Auto Supply, SkyGo Marketing Corp.), as well as other middle-income families.

Mr. Juanito I. King, founder, Chairman and President, envisions JKSI to contribute significantly to the real estate industry through more development projects in the future.


Casa Catalonia Classique understands your duality. Like the Iberian territory it is named after, your single attached home is proudly autonomous, yet part of a community where everything from hearty laughter to neighborly warmth is shared.

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom with an enclosed water closet
Floor area: 42 square meters
Lot area: 85 and 90 square meters

  Floor Plan (Click the small image to enlarge

Spot Cash
• Reservation Fee:
Php 10,000 Non-refundable and non-transferable
• Full payment of TCP within 30 days
• The buyer is entitled to a 5% discount

Price Conditions
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* JKSI reserves the right to correct typographical error .
* All prices are inclusive of taxes and miscellaneous fees.
* Reservation deposits of Php 10,000.00 are non-refundable and non-transferable.
* All checks should be made payable to JUANITO KING & SONS, INC.

An additional P100/sqm for all lots that are:

*facing east

*on the corner

*along the main road

*beside and across parks and playgrounds


Regular Equity Payment
• Reservation Fee: Php 10,000 Non-refundable and non-transferable
• Equity should be at least 30% of the TCP

• 30% of the Equity: 15 days from reservation
• 70% of the Equity : 45 days from reservation

Flexible Equity Payment Scheme (FEPS) I
For low down payment option, the buyer can avail of the FEPS. The following are the conditions:

• 30 % of the equity must be paid within fifteen(15) days from reservation. The balance of 70% of equity is subject to FEPS.
• The maximum period of FEPS is twelve (12) months at 12 % interest.

Flexible Equity Payment Scheme (FEPS) II
For a lower down payment option, the buyer can avail of the FEPS II. The following are the conditions;

• 10% of the equity must be paid within 15 days from reservation date.
• Another 10% of the equity must be paid within 45 days from reservation.
• Another 10% of the equity must be paid within 75 days from the reservation
• The balance of 70% of equity is subject to FEPS.
• The maximum period of FEPS is twelve (12) months at 12% interest.



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